Friday, 28 February 2014

Lingerie Review: Lidia Harness From Karolina Laskowska

When I was a little girl I was taught to believe that visible straps were bad; bra straps showing from under a sleeveless top in Summer were a faux pas, and it was better to wear a vest top with nothing underneath than to risk bra straps being seen.

Obviously as I got older I began to ignore this. I wanted to wear tank tops and no longer felt comfortable going braless; a hint of bra peeking from underneath didn't seem like such a big deal anymore. As it got to the point that all my friends and I were of bra-wearing age, it felt a little silly to be embarrassed of something that was just a fact of life.

This has evolved and I now in fact love unnecessary straps and strappy detailing both in lingerie and outerwear. Harnesses are of course the ultimate in strappy accessories; they provide no practical purpose other than to look pretty. They can be worn both with lingerie or over tops and dresses as statement outerwear. I've been a fan of Karolina Laskowska's designs for some time now, especially her Classics Collection, which features several harnesses and other strappy pieces.

The Lidia Harness Via Karolina Laskowska

When the Kordelia and Lidia harnesses became available at a reduced price for a limited time I couldn't resist any longer. It took a lot of deliberating before I could decide which design to purchase, but in the end the cross-over detailing of the Lidia won me over. As the harnesses were on backorder there was a long wait between placing the order and receiving it in the post; but the anticipation made it all the more exciting when it finally arrived (albeit right before I had to leave for work so I didn't have time to open it!)

Worn with a set by Marios Schwab that I reviewed here

When I got a chance to actually try it on it was just as beautiful as I'd expected. The elastic strapping has a smooth satin finish, which combined with the gold toned rings and sliders give the piece a really luxurious feel. The halterneck and the lowest of the straps around the ribcage are both adjustable, which allows it to be worn either directly under the bust, or lower down to accentuate the waist; whilst still being comfortable. After shooting the pictures for this post I threw a dress on over the top and left the harness on for several hours and was able to forget I was even wearing it.

I had great fun shooting the images for this post, and can't wait to have an occasion to wear this harness over a dress as outerwear. Karolina is definitely one to watch and I'm really looking forward to seeing what her final university collection will look like. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to own some more of her pieces soon.

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