Saturday, 15 February 2014

Lingerie Review: Claudette Fishnet Scoop Neck Bra

Today I am reviewing my newest lingerie purchase; a Claudette bra. This bra marks a bit of a turnaround for me, as for the past couple of years I've largely favoured non-wired bras, and (excluding strapless bras) this is the first underwired bra I've bought in over a year.

Images via ASOS

I fell out with conventional bras due to issues with sizing. The last time I got measured (which was also when I last bought an underwired bra, or any bra in a brick and mortar shop for that matter) I was told that I was a 32B. Even based on limited knowledge of bra sizing I knew that that couldn't be right, but I tried on a few bras in that size to "humour" the fitting room assistant. I was right, and they were far too small. Eventually I found a bra in a 32C that I was fairly happy with, so settled with that. Since then virtually every bra I've bought has been a bralette or soft bra with sizing on a S/M/L scale.

This is also the most expensive bra I've ever bought. It retails for £57 at ASOS, or $88 at Faire Frou Frou. It's available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from a 30-38 band and A-G cup, and comes in neon pink and black too. There are also matching briefs available, in both tanga and high waist styles. Given my uncertainty when it came to sizing, and the ease of ASOS's free returns, I ordered a couple of different sizes to try, which actually gave much more satisfying results than any professional measuring I've experienced. I was confident that I would be most comfortable in a 32 band, however the cup size had always seemed a bit off in my previous purchases. First I tried a C cup, which was an obvious bad fit to even the most ignorant observer; there was a huge amount of over-spill at the tops of the cups, resulting in a very visible ridge. The D cup reduced the problem but still didn't give a smooth silhouette, and to my great surprise it was the DD that fitted like a glove.

I suppose my shock shone light onto the fact that I've always thought of myself as "small busted"; which had only been reinforced when the store assistant who had last measured me declared that I was a B cup, when I'd been thinking I was a C. Even though a 32DD is far from the same as a 36DD, any DD doesn't really fit into that category.

However it was the 32DD that I ended up keeping, and it's turned out to be both the best fitting and most comfortable bra I've ever owned; and may have converted me back to wired bras. The bright colour is also a new one for me as the majority of my collection is black, black and more black. This step out of my comfort zone has been a good one though; this has quickly become my favourite everyday bra, and part of the is down to the fun and cheerful colour. I also love the 90s feel of the fishnet mesh, which is sheer on the top part of the cup, but double layered on the lower three quarters for greater coverage. The scoop neck design and unpadded cups also mean that it gives a really natural silhouette that's great for under tee shirts and other tight fitting clothing.

My only gripe with this bra would have to be that a part of me would like it if the black velvet trims went all the way around the band, rather than stopping at the sides, but that really is a minor detail. Overall this purchase has proven to me that if you spend wisely, it really is worth spending that bit extra on a good quality bra; I'd thought my relationship with wires was beyond salvage until this one came along. Claudette have also found themselves a new fan, as there are already several other bras in their range that I have my eye on, in many other gorgeous bright and pastel shades. That must also mean that I am now a convert to colour, something that is still yet to happen with my outerwear wardrobe. I'm now just counting the days until I can afford to splurge on a couple more of their pieces to add to my everyday lingerie rotation.

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