Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lingerie Review: Suspenders

For my exceedingly overdue second blog post I'm going to attempt to write something I've wanted to try my hand at for some time; a lingerie review. In fact I'm going to be ambitious and write three.

This particular post is going to be focused on suspenders. The three I'll be reviewing are the Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren boned six strap suspender belt, the tri-strap thigh suspenders from Malice clothing, and a simple black suspender belt from Victoria's Secret. The other two items in the above picture are the Vargas dress and Vargas longline girdle, both from Kiss Me Deadly, which I shall feature in a future post angled more towards shapewear.

Victoria's Secret

This little number was my First Ever suspender belt, which I picked up for cheap in the clearance section of the Victoria's Secret website many years ago. This is a pull on design and features delicate pretty black lace and ribbons that protrude over the end of the straps to conceal the suspender clips. Unfortunately, it seems that in true Victoria's Secret tradition, this item was created much more for form than for function, and I've found it to be rather flimsy, bordering on unwearable.

When trying to attach the clips to my stockings, I found that the pretty little ribbons at the end of the straps make it a nightmare to actually attach them. As if attaching suspender clips wasn't already fiddly enough, this feature makes it borderline impossible, particularly at the awkward angle necessary to reach the back two clips.

The straps themselves are adjustable in length, however even when shortened to the extreme, seem to be a little too long for my liking. This wouldn't be an issue if the belt could be worn at the waist rather than on the hips, but it's just too flimsy to stay there and ends up being pulled down by the stockings; as opposed to pulling them up. The straps might in fact be fine for the longer-legged among us, but on my frame, this, combined with the fact that there are only four straps as opposed to my preferred six, means that the product is a little lacking in the practicality department. Call me old fashioned but I like a suspender that doesn't leave my stockings sagging.

All in all, if what you're looking for is something purely decorative then I'd say this fits the bill quite nicely, but when it comes to actual wear, falls somewhat short.


Next up are the tri-strap thigh suspenders from Malice, which are available here. These are a take on the currently popular harness look which has appeared frequently in the world of lingerie, along with some styles which can be worn as statement outerwear. The sizing is based on your thigh circumference, and the relevant size will be two inches smaller than your own measurement. Based on my measurements I opted for the XS, which fits quite comfortably, though I've found that during extended periods of wear they do have a habit of slipping down a little and needing to be hitched up again. This may just be down to a less-than-perfect fit, and doesn't detract from how much I love these.

As a striking alternative to the traditional suspender belt these will not disappoint. They can also be worn upside down as a means of keeping short dresses from riding up, which is an added bonus, plus they remain comfortable after hours of wear.

Kiss Me Deadly

The newest addition to my suspender collection, and quite possibly my favourite, is the Van Doren boned six strap from Kiss Me Deadly, which is available here. The control mesh helps to sculpt, whilst the boning ensures that the belt remains flat against your body and stays put. The vintage styling makes this belt a little more chunky than the modern equivalent, and the result is something that leaves you feeling completely secure and that you know you can rely on for all day wear.

The design features hook and eye closure at the back, which allows for a more exact fit as there are four rows to choose from, and fully adjustable straps. Six straps as opposed to four provides extra security; you can guarantee your stockings are going to stay just where you want them.

I've been a fan of Kiss Me Deadly ever since I first discovered them back in the early days of my lingerie obsession, and this item meets the same high standards that I know to expect. The irresistible vintage inspired look that this belt emanates makes it a must have for any femme fatale who is serious about her stockings.

Part two featuring the Kiss Me Deadly Vargas dress can be found here.