Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lingerie Review: Kallisti By Marios Schwab

This is a set I bought a few months ago at ASOS from the Kallisti collection by Marios Schwab. This is the first lingerie collection from this London based designer, and largely features sheer mesh and lace, which are two things I love. The designs are bold and modern, with elegant lines and not too much fuss or frippery.

 Images via ASOS

The bra comes in sizes S/M/L, I ordered a small and it fitted perfectly, which surprised me as I usually find that bras labelled "small" are too tight in the cup; causing overspill and "quadboob". However this design must allow for some generosity as it was fine. I also opted for a small with the knickers and they were spot on, feeling true to size at around a UK 8-10.

The semi-sheer lace of the bra cups and the knickers is absolutely beautiful, and really soft against the skin. The lower portion of the cups is overlayed with black mesh, which is a nice aesthetic detail, but too low down to provide any extra coverage. The front of the brief features triangular satin detail for modesty, whilst the back is completely sheer. Both parts of the set are comfortable enough to be worn all day.

Briefs worn here with tri-strap suspenders from Malice, which I reviewed here

I love the strap detailing around the cups on the bra, it gives the look and feel of a harness without having to worry about adding an extra item. Although I don't generally follow the current fashions, harnesses are a trend that I'm not ashamed to admit I have totally bought into. I love the look they can add both to underwear and outerwear, and today I received the stunning Lidia harness by Karolina Laskowska in the post, which I shall photograph and review soon. I sometimes wear this bra under strappy vest tops that just allow the harness detail to peek through at the top.

I also have a confession to make. Both parts of this set are described as hand wash only, and I have sinned by putting them in the washing machine (albeit in a laundry bag). Most likely due to this fact, part of the trim around the waistband of the knickers has started to come away, though this could be easily fixed with a needle and thread (I just haven't gotten around to it yet). However I have had this set for several months now and worn it fairly regularly in that time, so I don't think that's too bad going. And it's my own damn fault anyway.

I don't have a great number of matching sets in my collection, as I usually find that I'm only really drawn to one half of the set, and don't have the disposable income to complete the set for the sake of it, when it's not something I'm particularly lusting after. But I'm equally happy with both parts of this one, they are both much loved and much worn, and as matching sets go this is a particularly lovely one. This bra also has a very rare feature that I really love; the sliders to adjust the straps are at the front rather than the back, which albeit unconventional I find really, really practical, and I own a few bras with this detail. Overall, a very successful purchase.


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