Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lingerie Review: Kiss Me Deadly Vargas Dress

Kiss Me Deadly is one of my all time favourite lingerie brands, and when it comes to vintage style lingerie, I'm yet to discover another brand that does it so well. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the brand right when I first started to become interested in lingerie (at age 17), through one of their stockists; Fairy Gothmother. Their classic vintage styling intrigued me far more than the standard offerings that I'd seen previously on the high street and I became hooked right away. My first Kiss Me Deadly purchase was the Vargas dress; and it was a first in many aspects. It was the first piece of quality lingerie I'd ever owned, and my first introduction to suspenders.

Images Via Kiss Me Deadly

Given that I bought this several years ago the sizing isn't perfect for me; I own this in a 34C. The control mesh is a comfortable fit and does the job of smoothing out all my lumps and bumps, but the cups of the bra are slightly too big on me. I'm not sure this is entirely down to it not being the correct size though, as even with minimal wear and tender care, the elastic seems to have all snapped in the bra cups. As far as I remember this started to happen not long after I first got it; visible black elastic threads began to appear sticking out from the lace fabric all over the bra part of the dress. I resorted to trimming these off to improve the appearance, but there wasn't much I could do to restore the elasticity of the fabric. Since I bought mine however, Kiss Me Deadly have updated the style of the dress which as far as I'm aware fixed this issue.

Image Via Kiss Me Deadly

The top part of the dress closes with a standard bra hook and eye closure, and the rest is a pull on design, though the larger sizes have a concealed zip. With a little bit of wiggling this is easy enough to get in and out of despite the body shaping nature of the control mesh. The bottom of the dress has six sturdy suspender straps, each featuring black ribbon detailing; everything about this piece screams elegance and luxury. The cups of the bra are a balconette style and are finished off in semi-sheer black lace. The straps are wide set and end with a sort of sling that encases the outer side of the cups. I don't personally find the cups particularly supportive, but this is mostly down to the fact that balconette styles don't really suit my breast shape, the size not being perfect, and the issue with the elastic. In the updated version of this dress which is currently available the construction of the cups has been altered to provide greater support, so I'm sure that if I were to purchase a new one, all the problems would be solved.

When it comes to looks however; the Vargas dress is hard to beat. It's a modern classic, and despite much searching I haven't found a suspender dress or corselette from any other brand that is anywhere near as beautiful as this and the multiway version. It is a very much loved item in my lingerie collection and I'm very thankful that this was my first experience of real lingerie. Discovering Kiss Me Deadly so early on in my "lingerie journey" helped a great deal in teaching me to be able to tell the good quality from the bad, and also led to me finding several other independent UK brands that my underwear drawer has benefited from greatly. This is also most likely the culprit of my love affair with stockings (which I now favour over tights on any occasion). Later on this year I will be attending a catwalk and cabaret show that will be using fans of Kiss Me Deadly as the models and I'm genuinely so excited. The relationship that the brand has with it's customers is one more thing that makes Kiss Me Deadly so special.

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