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Lingerie Review: Gossard Retrolution Underwire Bra

Gossard is one of the names when it comes to lingerie brands, particularly in the UK. The brand was founded way back in 1901 when the founder was inspired after seeing how a specially made corset was able to transform the figure of Sarah Bernhardt on stage in Paris. Since then the brand has accomplished a lot of notable achievements in the world of undergarments; being amongst the first to use nylon as a clothing material, and being the original inventor of the infamous Wonderbra.

The Retrolution bra has been my first experience of the brand. It is available in sizes 30 D-F, 32-36 B-G and 38 D-G, and retails for £36 at ASOS. I opted for the 30E and the fit was perfect.

Images Via ASOS

Recently I've found that my tastes in lingerie have been changing a lot. Whereas my top drawer used to be full of black, black and more black, there has been a shift and the colours, pastels and nudes now seem to be dominating. This has been a gradual and natural change so I'm happy to just go with the flow; however I felt that a bold and well fitting black bra was a staple that I had come to lack; and this had to change.

This piece is true to the Gossard brand aesthetic in its vintage styling; and this was the reason that I fell in love with it. I don't often make impulse lingerie purchases and this was no exception, as I had had my eye on this for several months before I took the plunge; and I'm glad I did. The cups are half padded; the lower half finished in black satin, and the top half is black lace with a peach mesh underneath; which at least for fair skin tones gives the illusion of it being sheer, but with greater coverage. Also adding to the vintage feel are the wide satin finish straps and the gate style back; a design element that I love. The metal components are gold toned and emblazoned with the Gossard logo, and there are ribbon flags embellishing the tops of both cups. This kind of attention to detail gives the impression of real luxury. The straps are fully adjustable which is good news for ladies with short torsos like myself.

I'm not usually a fan of padded bras as I prefer the more natural shape that soft bras give. The Retrolution does give a slightly pointed shape, reminiscent of (though not quite as dramatic as) a bullet bra. I feel that this is excusable though, since it goes with the whole vintage feel of the bra, and it probably wouldn't look quite right if it had a more modern, rounded shape.

Overall I think this is a stunning bra, and it could well be one to make it into my everyday rotation, whilst still being lavish enough for a special occasion. I'm keen to try more from Gossard in the future, both due to their stunning designs and the interesting history of the brand. When it comes to finding a classic and elegant black bra I think this one ticks all the boxes; and seems to have the potential to become a modern classic.

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